Thursday, January 31, 2008

A two-headed leader for America

From question one in Thursday's debate, it is obvious how uncomfortable Obama is with discussion of policy. He stutters, corrects himself, pauses, falls into cliché. Obama is a barn-burner of an inspiration, but clearly uneasy with the nitty-gritty of policy management. Meanwhile, Hillary opens with a methodical point-by-point summary bereft of soaring rhetoric or jazzy beats. One makes a delicious sandwich, the other makes it appetizing.

If we had a two-headed government, we'd have the two heads right here. Obama would be great as an American cognate of the Israeli, German, or Irish President -- a largely ceremonial head of state who embodies morality and pride. Clinton could be the Irish Taoiseach/Prime Minister or German Chancellor -- the nuts'n'bolts head of government who implements policy and manages the economy.

Sadly we gotta combine them.

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