Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Something I've always wondered...

Nearly every concession speech begins with "I just called [winner] and congratulated him/her for winning [state] and [meaningless drivel."

I've always wondered, who gets the job of finding out a way to contact the big rival quickly? And how do you do it? I imagine the phone call goes like this:

McCain staffer: Hello
Huck staffer: Hey, is this Mark?
M s :Yes it is...hey, is that you Dave?
H s :Yeah it is. So you're with the McCain campaign's it goin'?
M s :Great. All the polls show us leading...looking like we're gonna kick your a--! Hahah
H s :Well, our polls show different. Might not want to get too carried away"
M s :Yeah, we'll see. Why are you calling the enemy camp anyway?
H s :I was wondering, see....umm... Steve asked me to call your guys 'cuz just in case tonight things didn't go our way... I mean, if something crazy happens I need a phone number where I can reach McCain?
M s :Wow! You guys are in rough shape. You're already planning your concession speech?
H s :I said just in case, and you know it! So what's the number.
M s :You're never gonna survive if you plan like a loser, Dave. Anyway, he'll be at the Doubletree Hotel, and I'll give you the number of his aide. It's around here somewhere. Umm, it's xxx-xxxx
H s :Thanks Mark. So I guess...
M s :Yeah.
H s :Yeah. I should go...
M s :Wait!! Can I ask you something?
H s :Sure, what is it?
M s :Just in case. I mean, if something crazy happens. What's your guy's number?

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HLPeary said...

Campaign's exchange those election night candidate contact numbers prior to the actual election day.