Sunday, January 6, 2008

Blogging Project Runway #6:

The show was on hiatus for so long (I hope there aren't professionals writing this stuff), I forgot about it until my DVR spat forth the most recent episode today. So without further ado...

What a weird field modeling is. Beautiful people are paid not to be beautiful (they must be, however), but are paid to walk nice.

I love how Tim shows up at the apartments at 6am, looking classy and pressed as if it were mid-cocktail party hour. (So then what...he sits downstairs in a suit for an hours while all the contestants shower, dress, and primp?)

Nice's the 5th day of the New Year and half the audience is trying to Project Runway features candy. Thanks a bunch!

Oooh...soft-focus human interest feature on a contestant set to soft guitar music.

I've noticed when designers tell each other what they're making, I don't understand the words they're using. A "bolero jacket"? A what interpretation of Gretel?

No (outright or subliminal) ads for Bluefly tonight. Did the contract run out?

Rami and Kevin are the most dependable, tasteful, and consistent designers in the thing. In this competition, that is the description of the person who comes in second (even though Rami won).

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