Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Southern strategy"??

CNN's coverage of the South Carolina primary, and some talking head says that he "and folks in the media" are just starting to talk about Bill Clinton's behavior in the run-up to this primary as his "Southern strategy". Let's remember where that term comes from, as defined by the Republican lapdogs at the Washington Post:

It was called "the southern strategy," started under Richard M. Nixon in 1968, and described Republican efforts to use race as a wedge issue -- on matters such as desegregation and busing -- to appeal to white southern voters.

In 1968, Republicans began their ongoing effort to gain votes by signaling a willingness to accept or at least ignore seething racism among white Southerners. It was a political effort to win votes through exploiting racism.

Now, Bill Clinton has been aggressive in attacking Obama, and in attacking the poll-obsessed media over the last week. But I would love to find out how questioning the preparation and qualifications of an African-American candidate is appealing to racism. Pathetic.

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