Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If you want to be a dunce about education...

...watch Lou Dobbs. He's currently running a series on the topic, on Tuesday night claiming that "nobody has spent as much time on education as this program". Dobbs was worshipped by Bill Bennett and the old guy on CNN (no, the other old guy...not him either...looking...ah!) Bill Schneider. In all fairness the two of them -- like myself -- were killing time until the Michigan results came in.

Briefly, the Lou Dobbs recipe is to take money out of poorly performing schools. To show how it works, he shows a magnet school in Cincinnati. Mind you, he doesn't say that it's a magnet school, but case law is clear that public schools cannot put in a uniform as this school has. He then quotes a principal brought in after the punishment accountability law passed, who says nice things about the law.

Shockingly, Lou Dobbs, Caped Crusader for White Capitalism, found somebody praising the hiring policy that got them the job! I recorded Tuesday's program for a more meticulous picking-apart down the line.

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