Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blogging Project Runway #7: Prom dresses

This looks like a fun challenge...I really think we're in for some pissed-off teenaged girls by the end of the episode. That said, it isn't fair to send out a troupe of girls in private school uniforms to stand on a runway around Heidi Klum. If nothing else, the show has ample aesthetic beauty for all kinds of men at least: Klum is ravishing, and Tim Gunn is debonair and then some.

I didn't get Kevin's joke about the Flintstones, but I love Sweet P's declaration "I'm not going because I listened to some teenager. No, no."

That said, the episode is a reminder of how overblown "prom" has become. If nothing else, it's been declared a major enough event to forgo its definite article. There are prom expos, prom magazines, and a massive industry aimed at extracting enormous amounts of money from teenagers -- usually girls -- in return for an empty promise of "the best night of your life". One thing I remember from the proms I attended (four proms, oddly enough, with four different girls) is that the best time seemed to be had by the couples who went as friends, not the romantically involved ones who were desperate for memorable moments, half the time recasting it as a practice wedding.

Anyway, back to the episode. Is there a clause in Michael Kors' contract that prohibits him from wearing vivid or light colors on the show?

Kit's dress is very vibrant...class with color. And the judges are right about the red dress. I thought when she walked out that she looked old in that dress...turns out I was right. But I don't dig the sniping about Christian "blaming" his client, even though it was her fault.

Ooooh...Raumi is feeling cocky with his immunity, asking Nina "may I respond to that?" Walking the line there, boy.

The wrong guy lost. Kevin's more skilled than Christian, but the drama queen is kept around for the ratings.

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