Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blogging Project Runway #8: Hairstyles

They will be designing an "avant-garde" (fashionese for: laughably unwearable; a vanity project unsuited to real life) outfit matching each model's kooky hairstyle. It's gonna be an ugly show. I will note that I typed that definition before Tim said it.

I would say of the four crews, this bunch is the least loyal to their models. Shame.

On these team challenges, it's always a team leader that gets the ax. I would never, ever want to be a team leader on this show.

I think it was pretty wicked that they used one of my favorite instruments of all time -- the didgeridoo -- to underline the drama of the "special announcement" that the teams have to gin up a second look with no warning.

I'm starting to suspect that Christian just may be gay.

On the surface of it, this may sound unfair,
If I come right out and say I don't care,
I watch for fashion, sure,
Don't interest in coiffure
So amp up the fashion, forget about the hair.

Good judgment: "It's like Scarlett O'Hara, but it looks cheap."

...and Rami survives by the skin of his teeth. He still makes the best stuff of the group, but I can't say that I like him at all. I have Kevin's personality and Rami's talent.

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