Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two more reasons for Dems to root for Obama

1. -- It will break the Massachusetts Democratic Party logjam. A President Obama would have many, many positions to fill with people who have read the Constitution. With our rich supply of Democratic Senators, Congresscritters, state legislators, mayors, etc., here in Massachusetts we can fill many of those positions. Getting John Kerry into some embassy would open up that slot for one of our accomplished Congressmen, which would open up a Congressional slot, etc. Or appointing a mayor or two would let local Democrats gain more experience. We have an aging group at the top of the Democratic Party, and we need an outlet for them so a new generation can advance.

2. -- If Obama loses, the recriminations will be terrifying. With some DNC aristocrat who supported Hillary now endorsing McCain, and Obama on uneven ground in states such as Ohio because he can't hold on to the rural white voters who believed in Hillary, we have all the pieces in place for a real internecine war. The accusations would be thick as a 15th century flock of passenger pigeons should Obama lose, and I can see divisions forming that would take years to heal.

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Ryan Adams said...

whoever that DNC person is, he should be immediately thrown out of the committee. Period.