Thursday, September 4, 2008

McCain's "speech"

I can't help feeling bad for him. Senator McCain has dreamed of this moment for decades...has been planning this speech longer than I've been alive.

His team didn't screen for protesters, and he was interrupted three times, much to his evident discomfort. Obama's team connected with a crowd of 85,000 better than McCain did with a captive convention.

He couldn't read the teleprompter, and stumbled on many lines, including one about teaching illiterate adults to read.

He reminded everyone that Pearl Harbor is a personal memory for him.

He asked Democrats and other Americans to "fight with him". Done.

He delivered applause lines, mumbled over the applause, repeated himself, then grimaced/smiled at the end. Repeatedly.

Give him a mic, and 40 minutes. Don't put him on a glossy, phallus-shaped stage with a shaky speech.

In related news, this just arrived in my inbox:

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