Saturday, September 6, 2008

MTA Endorsements Keep Getting Worse

I earlier mentioned how "my" union, the Massachusetts Teachers' Association, chose privilege over principle by endorsing John Kerry over Ed O'Reilly in the upcoming Senate primary. Kerry is almost definitely going to win, albeit on a platform far less supportive of public education than O'Reilly's. So rather than stand up for their putative beliefs, the union leadership went to preserve a guy who supports No Child Left Behind. Why so many organizations and regions are trying so hard to cotton up to a Senator clearly ignorant of his own state, a man constantly mentioned as seeking an appointment from Barack Obama, I don't know. No surprise, but a disappointment.

However, I was surprised to find out that the MTA has further endorsed Dianne Wilkerson and Michael Brady for state representative. Wilkerson is an incumbent with, er, ethical lapses, and is furthermore lagging according to the internal polling of her opponent, Sonia Chang-Diaz. This wouldn't surprise me, given Wilkerson's record of flouting election law that is simply astounding. Wilkerson has been ducking substantive discussion of her record (again, like John Kerry). Not sure why the MTA waded into a race so hotly contested, when both candidates are pro-education...and one doesn't have a criminal record. But when you travel in the same circles, etc...

We also have Michael Brady endorsed in the three-way primary for Democratic nominee for state representative for the seat that takes up much of Brockton. Brady is a nice fellow who goes to the same functions as all Democratic insiders including Wilkerson and Kerry. A decent guy, though he doesn't mention issues on his website, and is sadly ignorant of the education issue (more on that later this week).

The MTA seems to pick their endorsees with the deliberation and sense that John McCain picks running mates.

PS: I'm rather disappointed in my neighbors in Wareham, Carver,and Bourne, for not finding somebody to run against Republican rubber-stamp Susan Williams Gifford this year, given that in 2006 is was a 57-43 race.


Ryan Adams said...

Everyone's endorsing Wilkerson. It's the incumbency protection racket. It's also not going to work, with any luck.

These organizations need to start listening to the members of their community within the district. A lot of GLBT orgs have endorsed Wilk, despite the fact that 2 years ago, gay people overwhelmingly supported Sonia. It wouldn't have been close, otherwise. You'd think they'd learn, instead they learned that they needed to make Wilk look like a champion of gay rights, or something. My prediction is the vast majority of GLBT voters in the 2nd Suffolk will vote for Sonia, again.

Hopefully, all these orgs - including the unions - will learn to listen to the members of their community next time, instead of becoming another year's version of the Incumbency Protection Racket.

Quriltai said...

Maybe, Ryan, but I doubt it. Phil J--, er, John Walsh's attacks on Ed O'Reilly today are a further sign that incumbency protection isn't just self-interest, but the endorsed policy of the Democratic Party.