Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Meanwhile, elsewhere...

It's been quite a streak lately...the Beijing Olympics, followed by the Democratic National Convention (and its attendant promotion and protection of unity), in turn followed by the stunning slow-motion train wreck that is Sarah Palin for vice president...right into the Republican National Convention. But the world's been busy, too. Real busy:

  • Pakistan: Almost immediately after driving out Musharraf, the governing coalition fell apart. The new prime minister's limo has been attacked, and American-led troops performed military operations in the country without permission -- something international law experts call "an invasion".
  • Thailand: Angry middle- and upper-class protesters are calling for the resignation of the prime minister and the end of Thai democracy. Apparently the common rabble shouldn't be trusted with the vote, and they're willing to undermine the rule of law to make this point. We can also view this as a blueprint for Republican actions after an Obama inauguration.
  • India: In scenes beyond the absolute worst case scenario of a hurricane in New Orleans, over 1 million people are rendered homeless in flooding as a river suddenly changes course along the Nepal-India border.
  • North Korea: The disassembly of North Korea's nuclear program has paused, as Bush refuses to fulfill America's end of the bargain by going back on his word to remove North Korea from government terrorist lists.
  • Japan: After a period of calm under Junichiro Koizumi, Japanese politics returns to unpredictability after the Prime Minister resigns in a move universally labeled "abrupt".
  • Canada: In the wake of a deadly assault on Canadian troops in Afghanistan, Canada prepares for an election as well.
  • East Asia: Russia seeks to firm up its grip on parts of Georgia, even after its attempted East Asia coalition, centered around China, falls apart.

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