Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hail Comrade Bush

The workers salute you! Removing means of housing production from bourgeois and bringing to people is great work! Down with stockbuyers, power to government! Long may proletariat sing praises of American National Housing Authority, drown out whining money-holders. Taking land of labor is dog-system, much to be fought! The rich man's banks surpress the people, and must become the People's Banks! Controlling of land away from bourgeois is key to the Revolution and our Glorious Future, and taking of land from rich to all leads to tomorrow -- glory to "sound fundamentals" of McCain's glorious new system of the people! Hail to Bush and partners Cheney McCain for fight against evil capitalist system. Hail to American National Housing Authority, down with capitalist system.

Hail to Bush, McCain, and the People's Revolution! Down with Obama and Capitalism!

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