Saturday, September 6, 2008

Okay, fun time's over...back to McCain

It takes a deal of discipline to push away from the astounding reality that is VP Candidate Sarah Palin. It seems every day offers up one or two more illustrations of her dishonesty and incompetence, the latest being her lie about selling the governor's place on Ebay, and McCain's people hustling her away from anyone who might ask her questions. It's reminiscent of a movie where the heroes discover a cavern full of treasure, wandering wide-eyed through a room of progressively more opulent goods. Though it isn't easy to tear away from this trove of mendacious mediocracy, it's time to re-focus on the true prize.

Governor Palin isn't running for president, isn't in the presidential debates, and probably won't really influence too many votes (you didn't actually believe those "Americans" who live to tell women how to behave would sit out this election, did you?). Instead, this election is about McCain and Obama. So while it may be fun to pump out posts about Sarah Palin (4 of today's 7 front-paged on DKos, and half of the current recommended reader diaries on TPM), this in the end is just static.

Better to keep our eye on the ball, as does Senator Biden:

PS: Hot on the heels of McCain's speech about bringing change to Washington and pretending the Republicans don't control the government, Republicans are trying to win control of the Senate by bullying Joe Lieberman into their caucus. That's McCain's brand of change -- reaching out to Washington insiders.

PPS: My number one man, Mark Begich, has a real race on his hands for US Senator for Alaska in the wake of Palin's inclusion into the ticket. Help him out, wouldja?

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