Friday, June 6, 2008

You think the Mass. GOP is sad...

So, the Massachusetts Republican Party will be fielding barely enough candidates to put together a high school football squad for the 2008 election. Sad, eh?

But the story of the New York GOP is even worse. Congressman Vito Fossella announced he wouldn't run for re-election because he was having sex with a woman who was not his wife. Or something. So the GOP asked someone to run for the seat, the seat currently held by a Republican. Their first choice said no. Their second choice said no. Their top four or five choices, and possibly the guy who cleans their gutters, all said no.

So they got "some dude" to run. Some dude nobody knows. No, even better...well, I'll just let The Albany Project describe it:

A week after the Staten Island GOP nominated...some dude to run for the disgraced "Papa Vino" Fossella's congressional seat, today we learn that that dude's son is apparently going to make a run as well. No, really. Francis H. Powers was given the nod for the run last week and today his son, Francis M. Powers decided to throw his (rather large and asymmetrical) hat in the ring as well with a bid for the Libertarian Party Line and, apparently, the non-existent Anarchist Party one as well.

As the 13th Turns...

That's right. This dude, son of the other dude, both you've never even heard of and sharing the same name, is now also a candidate for Congress. For. The. Same. Seat.

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