Thursday, June 5, 2008

People love us. That's not a statement, but a command...

That trademark Axelrod arrogance is on display again. Having coasted to a full 55% of votes in Massachusetts a year and a half ago, the Deval Patrick Eternal Campaign has hat in hand demanding plaudits:

We're asking you to think back over the past year-and-a-half and tell us what you believe to have been the three most significant accomplishments of the Patrick Administration thus far.

Over at my second home of Blue Mass Group, the Editors obliged. BMG is remarkable for its welcoming of people of all stripes across the political spectrum, but the three editors all endorsed Deval Patrick and enjoy good access to his office. The editors obliged by prominently displaying the, er, message. To be sure that everyone understood, it was announced that negative reactions would be censored.

The result in the first few hours? Two responses, one negative...and a post that says in part "An e-mail with the subject line 'your input needed' with the sole request to tell the administration the greatest things they've done, is not only politically tone deaf, but managerially so" that has been receiving agreement. Not an inspiring record.

I expect that Patrick still has many, many fans (not including me). But this is just another step in the alienation of the people who brought him there (again, not including me). His pleas to support Obama over Hillary were ignored, and 56 percent disapprove of his performance in the most recent poll...the highest that number has ever been. That slot in President Obama's Cabinet just can't open up fast enough.

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Bob Neer said...

In fairness, Sabutai, there is a front-paged post from someone dissatisfied with the letter. Come on back and have your say: