Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A television ad I'd like to see

Between the NBA Finals and campaign season, I'm seeing many more television ads lately than usual. And it's a reminder how much they suck.

GMC is running a series of ads called "Welcome to the Players' Lot" (watch them here) based on the premise of a faceless NBA player driving his SUV into the parking garage, only to be badgered by an overly enthusiastic and informal lot attendant.

Like so many campaigns, what was entertaining the first time became cute on the third, now annoying on the seventh viewing. The character in general is just pissing me off at this point.

If GMC made an ad of this unnamed player careening about the lot until finally pinning the attendant to the wall with his front bumper, I would seriously consider buying a GMC product. I'm sure I can't be the only who feels this way...isn't there anyone with lots of time and video editing software who could make this happen?


noternie said...

I refuse to go to Outback Steackhouse because of the ads.

I mean, I'm not likely to go to large national chains like that when a local independent or semi independent can be found, but I can be spotted at an UNO's or Chili's or something once in a while. But never Outback.

The ads are just too annoying

Quriltai said...

There are some kinds of food that can be done at national chains, but BBQ isn't one of them. Of course, Longhorn does decent ribs, and they're regional at least.

I'm not a fan of the ersatz Australian branding, and it's downright unpatriotic to eat Aussie BBQ...that's like listening to French jazz or something.