Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hoping this is just for headlines

A "fifty-state strategy" by Obama for President? Really? I mean, honest-to-goodness?

Obama is going to have staffers trying to win Illinois? Or Rhode Island, or Maryland?

Okay, I realize you can't really say "45-state strategy" or what have you. It sounds really good to have a 50-state strategy. (Note: is DC getting shafted?) Anyway, I'd imagine that there are some close races in blue states where the Obama staffer could just sliiiiide over to another race in-state, helping out Bill Foster in Illinois-10, or perhaps knocking Chris Shays out of CT-04.

But I'd love to be the Obama staffer detailed to Hawaii. Bring some sunscreen!

PS: I predict that the staffer detailed to Massachusetts will be set up in Chelmsford, and will see the words "Welcome to New Hampshire" most every day in the autumn of 2008. I'm getting tired of these sunny pro-Obama forecasts that do "Kerry plus which states?". Obama is going to have to work for New Hampshire...they made McCain in '00 and '08, and are proud of it.

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