Tuesday, June 10, 2008

They do know an election's coming, right?

Part of politics is doing things that you know people like. Helping out people who are popular, even sticking it to people who aren't.

So what does a news article with the headline "Senate GOP blocks windfall taxes on Big Oil" say? Even better is the first line....

Saved by Senate Republicans, big oil companies dodged an attempt Tuesday to slap them with a windfall profits tax and take away billions of dollars in tax breaks in response to the record gasoline prices that have the nation fuming.

Let that roll around in your head a bit..."big oil companies saved by Seante Republicans". Wow. What a statement. Just the GOP's anti-tax ideology on display, right? No...

Shortly after the oil tax vote, Republicans blocked a second proposal that would extend tax breaks that have either expired or are scheduled to end this year for wind, solar and other alternative energy development, and for the promotion of energy efficiency and conservation

So these Republicans aren't for lower taxes per se -- just lower taxes for their friends.

I know that this seems pretty obvious, but it's good to see Democrats maneuver such a clear and prominent statement of Republicans' priorities in the limelight.

PS: Neither McCain nor Obama voted. Too bad.

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