Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Holy carp

Hillary Clinton gives a feisty speech on the day that is really her last day with any chance to be the Democratic nominee. She's lost Maxine Waters to Obama, who now has over 50% of the needed delegates to reach the nomination.

Meanwhile, she's still making the case that it should be her, not Obama. The crowd is chanting encouragement, chanting "Denver" (implying a floor fight at the convention). Clinton smiled, but did not seem disturbed at this reaction. It blew the minds of most every pundit. Mine, too. I didn't expect supplication, but she sounded as if it's a close contest that she has an even chance to win.

It's a real shame, and a real loss of what could have been such a good night for the Democratic Party...won't be. The story should have been Obama Triumphant, McCain Pathetic. Now, McCain's wobbly, sad little speech (that felt like a Kiwanas Awards Dinner) will be forgotten, and it will remain Clinton v Obama. As strongly I support Senator Clinton, I can't agree with that speech.

If I were to guess, it would be that it was been made clear that Obama will not accept her as VP nominee, and she felt she'd nothing to lose. I don't know.

I just hope McCain spends a lot of time in front of the cameras. I'll never be able to vote for Obama...but I can vote against McCain.

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Ryan Adams said...

case in point for why I've been saying all along Obama should have taken Hillary as VP. This thing could have been over months ago... and at least McCain's speech would have gotten the attention it deserves.

Fear not, though. That won't be the last McCain turd - I mean speech - by a long shot. The days are ending where he could hide, and he certainly can't run (quite literally)...