Saturday, May 31, 2008

Why is Obama fighting so hard?

For a while, Obama was going to declare victory on May 20th...then he didn't. Now he's going to hold a rally in St. Paul (site of the upcoming GOP convention) next Tuesday when the last primaries are held. Presumably to declare victory. So, half the time Obama is superconfident he's going to win.

So, what I don't "get" is that the other half of the time, Obama is scrapping for every single delegate we can seize. Rather than allow Florida and Michigan to receive full votes, allow uncommitteds to fall into his column (as they would have, eventually), his proxies are the Rules Committee voted to halve Florida's and Michigan's impact. It is significant to note that some members -- possibly those that pushed the resolution to victory -- represent the DNC mandarins and Howard Dean more than Clinton or Obama. And Dean wanted to hold to the rules.

Even had Florida and Michigan been seated with a full vote, Obama would still be in the lead. With the Superdelegates he likely has in his pocket, Obama would have pushed to victory. He did not go from winner to loser, Obama did not rescue victory from defeat. He was going to win anyway, and in the process he's significantly aggrieved many Democrats, particularly in Florida. This isn't even "scorched Earth to win"'s "sore winner".

I just can't understand...why did Obama insist on winning such a Pyrrhic victory? Where's the magnaminity?

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