Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Democratic Trial Separation...

One thing that I dislike about the ongoing primary season is that so much of the Democratic Establishment starts feeling like hostile territory. Politicians whose speeches I usually enjoy watching are now scanned for subtle biases and tip-offs. I'm a Hillary guy, and I find myself scanning the remarks of Ted Kennedy or Bill Richardson for subtle bumps for Obama. Keeps me from enjoying their thoughts. Obama-ites may feel similarly for folks such as Maxine Waters or Maria Cantwell (one of our least appreciated Senators).

And that's nothing compared to the "trial separation" with the top-line left-wing commentators. Keith Olbermann, Markos Moulitsas, and Jon Stewart have whole-heartedly thrown them on the Obama bandwagon, to the extent that I can barely put up with them -- at least when Rush Limbaugh speaks against Hillary, he doesn't pretend to share my values. I don't mind the occasional cheap shot at my candidate, but Olberman goes on extended rants that could be written in Obama HQ. Stewart does gentle comedy on Obama, and then turns on Hillary with a relish so typical of the traditional media.

This June, I look forward to being able to join in the fight with my Democratic brethren, and training our sights on our common targets.


Tim said...

Why is it that everything in the U.S. always has to be broken down to left/right, black/white, "with us or with the terrorists"? Have you folks never noticed that everything in the real world is full of shades of gray. As a Canadian, I've watched Olbermann and Jon Stewart. I can only stand Fox news for short periods of time...much like Maury Povich...or Jerry Springer.
What I enjoy about Olbermann (real news) and Stewart (faux news) is that when any politician of any political stripe screws up they call them on it. Unlike Fox news hosts.
On another note, I'm just waiting for Rush to "come out" and be true to himself.

Quriltai said...

Huh, wha? I lived in Canada for six years, and saw plenty of black/white: Lucien Bouchard, Tim Horton's, Zeller's Bucks, Jean Chr├ętien, PET, Don Cherry for starters.

If black/white is characteristic of Americans, ungrounded smugness is characteristic of anglo-Canadians.