Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obama's No Good Very Bad Day

Rather than allow a re-vote in Florida and Michigan at little cost to his campaign to go forward, Obama insisted that this mess be resolved by a public meeting of the Rule Committee. Senator Obama wanted to apportion these delegates through a bureaucracy rather than an the bureaucracy isn't cooperating. They've ducked behind closed doors for two hours today after some five hours of a private dinner last night. The only thing worse than back-room deals is back-room deals with television cameras trained on the doors of the back room. Now Obama's insistence on moving representation from the voters to party mandarins is killing the Democratic Party at all levels, live on national television.

Meanwhile, CNN is reporting that Obama is resigning/leaving the church to which he has belonged for years, after a a string of vituperative sermons laced with racism at his church (by two friends) have come to light. Makes clear why Obama was "disappointed" by those sermons...and it seems to have a lot more to do with Obama than the ideas coming from the pulpit.

Despite the snide, vicious attacks still coming from so many Obama supporters, I'm trying desperately to get to the point of supporting him -- hopefully volunteering for him -- in November. None of this makes it easy.

PS: Obama's loser surrogate, Ron Kirk (who got killed when he tried to run for Senate a few years ago), is still trying to make excuses for Obama. He "doesn't find any fault" for Obama's continuing involvement. Just more of Obama's helpers hurting, rather than helping the Senator. A little later, Kirk said that if Levin doesn't like New Hampshire and Iowa "running the show", he should just run for Chair of the DNC. I'm glad this guy never made it to the Senate.

PPS: As I will note later, this is at best a Pyrrhic victory for that he didn't need at the end.

PPPS: At the moment (Sunday morning), the fact that this deal was cut in the ultimate back-room style doesn't seem to be causing any waves. That may turn out well for Obama.

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