Friday, May 30, 2008

Lance Mannion strokes another one over the fence

Lance Mannion, a Hillary supporter, has been the clearest voice for true reconciliation between Hope Central and Clinton HQ that I've come across. I earlier referenced his reasoning for unity behind Obama, and today describes the blogosphere quite well:

We're a pack of zealots, fanatics, kooks, and weirdos. Mostly nice weirdos, but weirdos still. We are not representative of the rest of America. Making judgments about what Hillary's supporters or Obama's supporters are like based on what's being said on the blogs is like making judgments about what New York City is like based on the conversations in the psych ward at Bellevue...or in coffee shops in Greenwich Village.

And all we know beyond what we know from reading too much of each other's work is what we read in the newspapers...and watch on TV. We are dependent on the National Press Corps and too many of those people are crazier than we are and a whole lot dumber.

Not to mention corrupt.

The rest is just as good.

If only Obama could talk/act like that. However, in the wake of the most recent sermonizer at his church declaring that Hillary was upset at the idea of a president not being white, Obama released a statement that ends up as a drawn-out version of the sentiment "unity means never having to say you're sorry".


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