Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I've spent over five years teaching in some capacity or other at the Middle School level. At no time has any student ever given me an apple. Chances are, if s/he did, I wouldn't eat it.*

The closest was an apple pie a student bought me at McDonald's on the way back from a field trip. I never even suggested the idea, but the product was way better. The prevalence of polished apples in ads and campaigns about education just tend to deepen professionals' cynicism.

(I have gotten other food, particularly around the holidays. During student teaching, some students made me cookies. When giving them to me, one matter-of-factly explained "the recipe needed chocolate chips, and we didn't have any, so we used cocoa powder instead." They tasted about as good as one would expect.)

*The majority of teachers I know won't eat food coming from students. Of course, this isn't about your child....just what might happen to the food in transit.

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