Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pointless musings

Now that it seems likely that Obama will be the nominee, what will guess about?

His VP? Boring.

His Cabinet? Yes!

  • Bill Richardson at State (term-limited as NM Guv, and wasted in any other position)
  • Wes Clark, or Jim Webb at Defense
  • SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson at Interior. (The guy is awesome)
  • Lee Hamilton at Homeland Security (wrote the book)
  • Maxine Waters at HUD. (Real compassion)
  • Evan Bayh at Agriculture (maybe)
  • Lincoln Chaffee at Commerce (this usually goes to a big party fundraiser, but I want Chaffee, maybe Whitman in this cabinet...suck on it, GOP!)
  • Ned Lamont at Labor (this is the usual post for a cross-party appointment, but I think Chaffee is better at Commerce, or heading the EPA)
  • Education (I got nothing. Clinton and Richardson are two leading Dem voices against No Child Left Behind. Granholm maybe?

Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano would make for an interesting and skilled Secretary of Education, but could we replace her with another Democrat?

1 comment:

rick said...

First Clark would be a better secretary of state than Richardson.
Second, Clark cannot be secretary of defense. There is a rule that you have to have been out of the military for 10 years before you can hold that post. Clark will not be eligible till 2010.
Third, I doubt Jim Webb would give up his senate seat to be Secretary of Defense.