Thursday, August 7, 2008

He'll vote for you but doesn't want you to win

Worcester County Sheriff Guy Glodis on Ed O'Reilly:

Jim O'Sullivan of the State House News Service first reported Wednesday that Guy Glodis has chosen to support O'Reilly (D-Gloucester) over Kerry (D-Boston), becoming the first major Democratic politician in the state to do so.

Asked to confirm the report, Glodis told, "Absolutely. I am looking forward to voting for him."

Glodis emphasized, however, that he is not endorsing O'Reilly. "Let me just say this," he said, "I have not endorsed him and do not plan on endorsing him.

I know there's a narrow semantic difference between voting for him and endorsing him, what with machines and alliances, etc. But happy as I have him to have some Democratic stand up for the party's platform, I think this isn't the smoothest I've seen Glodis look.

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