Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Convention thoughts, night 3

Melissa Etheridge's medley was beautiful. I love that singer.

Did Mark Begich skip the convention?

Retired CSM Michele Jones may not be a politician, but she is a strong, excellent speaker. I hope she ends up on a ballot somewhere soon.

Bill Clinton is the only person I've ever seen for whom "President of the United States" seems the natural position.

Massachusetts really does kick butt...I think Illinois may be the only state to have both Senators and governor get prime time spots.

Good that John Kerry mentioned Georgia in his speech. It's funny that Kerry talks credit for saying four years ago that the American flag does not belong to any political party, but all of us...Dean was saying that back when Kerry was attacking him.

I love the emotion on Jill Biden's perfectly formulated politician wife here. Good speech by Biden. Not awesome, but quite good.

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