Thursday, August 28, 2008

Convention Wrap-Up

First time I've heard Tim Kaine speak for a while. Pretty good, though the "move mountain" bit was odd.

Surprisingly warm reception for Bill Richardson (my first choice going back to July '07), though he did come in fourth in the race, and the bronze medalist isn't in town. "McCain may pay hundreds of dollars for his shoes, but we're the ones who will pay for his flipflops." Cute. His speech isn't amazing, but far better than one might expect given his reputation as a poor public speaker. And I don't mean to sound whiny, but at this point I find it refreshing for a politician to end his/her remarks with something other than "God bless..." In this case, "let's do it!"

I thought the goatee looked bad on Richardson...then I saw Stevie Wonder in a goatee. Ugh.

Just noting that Al Gore got a better speaking slot than John Kerry.

Nancy Pelosi has looked classy every moment of this convention. And seeing Joe Biden on my tv always makes me smile.

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