Monday, August 25, 2008

Convention thoughts

A - I thought the convention was boring from watching it in primetime. Recording the entire thing on C-Span showed me whole new levels or depths of boredom. Turns out the boring people were the good speakers. These warm-up acts are atrocious. I feel bad for them though -- it's evident that most delegates aren't there, and the ones that are present are milling about and talking. Natural to bite off one's words, speak tightly and loudly seek applause; it just looks bad on television.

B - After 16 days of watching the Chinese flag, the graphic on the DNC podium is awful...looks like the Communist Chinese flag with some mountains drawn over it.

C- Ted Kennedy...what a lion.

D-I had no idea Harkin could sign. Cool.


noternie said...

I had a lot of the same reactions. Worse than the boring speakers, were the long periods of inaction. Music playing, delegates dancing. Yawn!

I suppose we should consider that it was the first night adn things might ramp up from here. But Pelosi's placement was kind of an insult. Maybe they're trying to spread out the interesting stuff, but she is the Speaker of the House!

I thought Harkin signing was cool, too. Wish he would've gone on a little longer.

Quriltai said...

Frankly, I'm getting uncomfortable watching so many middle-aged white people trying to dance. It's just ugly. Stop it, people.