Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rice pursues Al-Qaeda boogeyman

As I mused on Monday, "I'm wondering how long it is until somebody says that the attackers in Mumbai are somehow "al-Qaeda linked"."

Turns out it was two days, and the "somebody" was the empty pantsuit masquerading as our Secretary of State:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says the attacks in Mumbai are "the kind of terror in which al-Qaeda participates."

Rice arrived in New Delhi on Wednesday as part of a US effort to ease tensions in the region after a three-day terrorist attack killed 171 people in India's financial capital.

"Whether there is a direct al-Qaeda hand or not, this is clearly the kind of terror in which al-Qaeda participates," she said during a press conference.

She's since climbed down from those remarks, but typical of this bunch that any swarthy person blowing stuff up is al-Qaeda to them. I can't wait for these people to leave our government.

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