Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nutso Democracy, Canadian Style

Remember how much 2000 sucked? Our system anointed a leader who didn't win the most votes. This quirky Electoral College thing invalidated so many votes, and boiled it down to the unelected maneuverings of a few unelected people.

The same thing is happening right now in Canada - a strongly divided nation elected a strongly divided Parliament, and maneuvering is going on at a furious pace. Basically, this group of about 300 Canadian politicians is seeking to undermine and/or obviate the election results. The balance of power appears to be held by a party that wants to carve Quebec out of Canada, and the referee is a former TV reporter who is now the head of state -- Michaelle Jean. Jean's job is to represent the freakin' Queen of England as the final authority in the country. A diarist over at MyDD writes a pretty good precis of the situation, which I strongly encourage you to read. If, like me, you're an enthusiastic follower of politics regardless of origin, you'd want to keep an eye on this.

I may have more thoughts on this as it develops...

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