Thursday, December 4, 2008


Or, you can't keep a good man down.

The Globe has a good take on the re-appearance of Lawrence Summers, lately President of Harvard University. Of course, his tenure famously ended in a rebellion that arose after Summers declared that women "did not have the intuition" to be scientists. A slightly antediluvian declaration for a university president, and so it went with him turfed out in Cambridge. Anyway, that dumb remark didn't stop Summers from being a bright guy in general, and a series of newspaper columns in the Financial Times was instrumental in rebuilding his respect in financial circles. Summers will be Obama's National Economic Council Chair.

Yeah, so, turns out that Elliot Spitzer is will soon be starting a weekly column at the Washington Post [corrected from original]. His sin was more revolting that a poorly chosen remark, but one could argue that the times also demand men and women of his mettle more than ever. On what side does the balance rest?

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I think you mean Elliot Spitzer