Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 Global Wish List

I'm trying very hard to pare this down to some stuff that is at least plausible:

Israeli Prime Minister Tzipi Livni. It's tough to campaign as the candidate of a party that was built as the vehicle for another man (Sharon), but I think Livni is tough and shrewd, just what Israel needs. Plus, Netanyahu is a little over the top for my liking -- he's been foaming at the mouth about Gaza.

Some sort of stabilization of the blood-drenched Mexican borderlands, where mayhem fueled by drug money is leading to increasingly bold assassinations and kidnappings. The violence enters schools, prisons, and hospitals. One possible solution would be a thoughtful drug policy here in the United States...remember, all the violence is over who gets to feed Americans' drug habits.

Put up or shut up, Canada. I'm tired of your weak minority governments and half-baked coalitions. The most mature and patient federal politician is the leader of the party that wants to break up the country. You're looking ridiculous, careening around like 1980s Italy.

For the Irish to continue to tell the EU bullies where to stick it. This approach of bypassing national parliaments and electorates to implement new European structures is astoundingly anti-democratic; it is only because the Irish constitution mandates referendums to align with any EU treaties that the Irish (or pretty much anyone) get a voice at all. Maybe if the treaties were more intelligently written, implemented, and explained -- and maybe if they were written for citizens and not consumers, there wouldn't be this desperate intimidation every time an electorate questions them.

A peaceful Indian federal election that does not result in a BJP victory.

The road to reunification of Cyprus.

The expiration of the Zimbabwean kakistocracy. By means necessary.

(Partially domestic as well) The eventual realization by reactionaries around the world and in the Republican Party that the President of Iran is basically a buffoonish spokesman, and isn't even a head of government (a pet peeve of mine).

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