Monday, December 1, 2008

Random thoughts

Not much to say, some random thoughts instead:

I'd be shocked if anybody who helped murder that worker in Walmart ever faces justice. These people were doing what they'd been taught to do -- abandon all dignity in the race of commercial hype. I'm no hippie (been to the mall already once this season) but I can't stand the thought of wandering in the wee hours to buy something at a price similar to what it was in August. That said, the shoppers are responsible, but Walmart is much, much more responsible. All the focus on this guy is keeping us from hearing about the copious non-lethal injuries sustained in other Black Friday theatres.

For all I know, Chuck Turner could be the victim of a broad racist media-based campaign to entrap officials for taking bribes (as he was caught doing on video). However, given Turner's long race-baiting history, even if it were true I'd probably not believe it. Live by the race card, die by the race card.

I'm wondering how long it is until somebody says that the attackers in Mumbai are somehow "al-Qaeda linked". No duh -- if I were some two-bit terrorist, I'd call myself al-Qaeda for the free press, too.

Quebec is gearing up for an election. Funny, after Quebec Liberal leader Jean Charest spent weeks telling Quebecers to vote Liberal in the federal election because one party shouldn't have majority government because it would be too powerful...he's now telling Quebecers to vote Liberal in the provincial election because one party should have a majority government because it needs more power. Heh.

I still think Napolitano is wasted in Homeland Security.

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