Monday, October 6, 2008

Status quo losing ground all over North America

It's been interesting watching the parallel campaigns in the United States and Canada, as both kick the tires of their ruling regimes. As I have several times remarked, the politics in the two countries don't match up well, and there are dangers in comparing the two. For example, in Canada the right is also in power, but it had the power to set an advantageous election date, it entered into the campaign with a more popular and likeable leader, one who won the debate, a stronger infrastructure, and frankly a much better record on governance. The Conservatives seemed to have every advantage going, and were ready to coast.

Until recently. Their poll numbers are doing the same exact thing that McCain's are doing, despite all the heretofore mentioned differences -- nose-diving. In fact, the only thing the Conservatives of Canada and the Republicans of the United States seem to common is that they are incumbents. Which increasingly appears to be crime enough.

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