Friday, October 24, 2008

Do you trust the RNC with your budget?

Here's the funny part. I don't much care if the Republican National Committee wants to blow $150,000 on a wardrobe for the Palin family, as if the governor of Alaska couldn't possibly own a decent set of clothing. I don't really care that the highest paid advisor on the campaign doesn't do foreign affairs or media handling, but makeup. I still maintain that making Sarah Palin look good couldn't be that hard. It's like making Michael Phelps a good swimmer.

In some ways, I'm glad that they're blowing money they don't have on frivolities. But...the people who want to run the country are blowing money they really need on frivolities. Let's be clear: from the beginning, it was obvious that Obama was going to outraise and outspend McCain. It was obvious that a campaign which accepted spending limits was going to need every dime it could keep when going up against a historically unprecedented fundraising operation.

So the Republicans went and blew a huge chunk of their dwindling cash -- several field offices' worth, several polls' worth -- on clothing, hair, and makeup. When the people running the McCain/Republican campaigns had a direct, personal interest in managing their budget smartly, they couldn't do it.

Yet these millionaires want me to trust them with my money. They couldn't manage money when doing so meant access to power and wealth but they want to be trusted with money that isn't even theirs?

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