Monday, October 6, 2008

Open Yer Wallets, Mass. Congressmen!

The elephants are on the run! From Palin's Alaska to McCain's Arizona, Republican Congresscritters are sinking in polls faster than they can race away from Bush and McCain. On CNN tonight, Huckabee's Campaign Director Ed Rollins pronounced himself satisfied with 12 losses.

With so many slow-moving targets, no wonder Nancy Pelosi and other Congressional leaders are asking safe Democratic Congressers to fork over some cash. With one of the safest Democratic delegations in the country, you'd think that Massachusetts Democrats would be leading the charge. The truth falls short, excepting Congressers McGovern, Olver, and Tsongas. Check out the numbers:

Cand.DCCC contrib.Cash on Hand% given
Jim McGovern$240,000$317,00075.7
John Olver125,000194,000 64.4
Niki Tsongas10,00033,00030.0
Ed Markey425,0002.65 million16.0
Barney Frank100,000768,000 13.0
Stephen Lynch85,0001.3 million 6.5
Richard Neal71,5002 million 3.6
John Tierney35,7311.3 million2.75
Mike Capuano25,000948,0002.6
William Delahunt-1.4 million0

These figures were gained from data in the online FEC database. "Cash on Hand" is the most recent update from the FEC, and "DCCC contribution" is any listing from 2008 only. Naturally, these numbers may be a few weeks out of date, but in any case, too many of our Congressmen are not doing their part. It seems that we have too many self-satisfied politicians sitting on war chests with their eyes on Kerry's and/or Kennedy's Senate seats, and worried about whose seat will be districted out of existence after the 2010 census.

You can decide how little is too little. Tsongas has sympathy in my book as an almost brand new Congressperson, and is now building her fundraising machine. In any case, I include one last list of information you may find useful if you want these guys to do their part:

Representative Bill Delahunt 202-225-3111
Representative Michael Capuano 202-225-5111
Representative John Tierney 202-225-8020
Representative Richard E. Neal 202-225-5601
Representative Stephen Lynch 202-225-8273
Representative Barney Frank 202-225-5931
Representative Edward J. Markey 202-225-2836
Representative Niki Tsongas 202-225-3411
Representative John W. Olver 202-225-5335
Representative James P. McGovern 202-225-6101


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