Tuesday, March 18, 2008

TV announcment

I am watching Dancing with the Stars this season...for a while at least. For one reason, this:

The divine Marlee Matlin. From The Commish through The West Wing (with Seinfeld and others in between), I've been entranced by a rare beauty in entertainment that is illuminated by sunlight, rather than shellacked with ice. She is the only celebrity whose autographed photo I've ever bothered to acquire. I also shall forever condemn the Canada Post slob who creased it into my mailbox.

I shall be watching this series as long as she is on it, and not a moment past. And the show isn't worth blogging or summarizing.

PS: I think I saw Tricia Helfer sitting behind the men. Helfer is an actress on Battlestar Galactica, the only television show of this century to have artistic and conceptual merit. I mean, Dancing with the Stars and Project Runway are all fun as far as it goes, like ice cream. BSG is a well cooked steak.

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