Friday, March 28, 2008

Sexism by Hasbro

I'll admit to being stunned that in 2008, I'm seeing advertisements for children's toys that declare that "boys are built different. They play different." and that Tonka trucks are BUILT FOR BOYHOOD!. Not for adventure, not for fun, but for boys. Strong is the implication that the trucks are not built for girls, and girls are not welcome to play on them.

Hey children, there are specific things that you should be interested in, and others that you are not allowed to like. So girls, step away from the trucks. They are not for you. Why not just make an ad that declares "these toys will prepare your child for the appropriate interests of someone their gender."

Heck, Barbies are less stereotype-driven.

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Anonymous said...

When my daughter was a toddler back in the early 70's, I believed that there should be equality in the playyard and I bought her a large tonka dump truck. She played with it a little while, riding in it while her brother pushed but all in all my attempt at equality amoung the sexes when it came to toys was an abject failure. My son and daughter made traditional gender toy choices no matter how hard I tried and I came to accept that there ARE differences between boys and girls after all.