Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Deval: My Obsession is Worth 5 Teachers

Apparently, Deval Patrick has time to play at being Massachusetts governor between high-profile visits to Washington, DC and serving as loyal Obama flunkie, speaking in whichever state has the next primary. Of course, "play at being Massachusetts governor" for Deval means "hustle casino money". After Sal DiMasi slapped him around like a puppy that went on the carpet on this issue, most people understand this phantom hope is dead.

Not Deval. He's pouring almost $190,000 that the state doesn't have into an immediate "study" on the economics of casino gambling. This will entail ignoring all the studies out there over an issue that is dead for the year. At best, we'll be looking at a study one year out of date that will change nobody's mind...much more likely, it will be put on a shelf somewhere.

$190,000. That's five well-qualified teachers. Or a few cops. Upgrading a stretch of road or other architecture. Real money, that's being pissed away because Deval has no ideas.

Thank goodness we have someone running the state who knows what they're doing -- keep up the good work, Sal!

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