Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama: Anything happening 1993-2001 is Hillary's fault

From today's New York Times, it looks like Obama got his hands on an old copy of Free Republic:

Keep in mind, we had Bill Clinton as president when, in ’94, we lost the House, we lost the Senate, we lost governorships, we lost state houses. And so, regardless of what policies they wanted to promote, they didn’t have a working majority to bring change about.

Questions that come to mind upon reading this:
  • If Hillary gets blame for what happened during her husband's tenure, does she get equal credit for the peace and prosperity under him?
  • Does Obama get blamed for all of Michelle's mistakes?
  • Would Obama have forestalled 1994 better? How?
  • What were you doing about it at the time as a lawyer and university lecturer?

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sco said...

Okay, a lot of that is unfair to Hillary, but I have long said that she is partially to blame -- thanks to her botching of health care reform -- for the 1994 Republican takeover.

Sure, there were lots of other issues that contributed to the flip of partisan control; bounced checks, abused franking privledges, etc, etc. But the failure of the Democratic Congress and the Democratic President to get together on such an important issue was certainly a factor