Thursday, February 7, 2008

Blogging Project Runway #10: Wrestling Costumes

Don't worry...there's no better relief from delegate math than watching designer magic, and major drama.

I think it's cruel to leave the losing outfit of a designer on their mannequin as a testament after they're kicked off. "Hey, here's the piece of crap that so-and-so turned in that got them thrown out." It's loser row.

All right Ricky...finally some loyalty to one's model! (Although Jaclyn was prettier.)

I love how Heidi always asks "Are you ready for the next challenge" at each episode's open, as if they have a choice. I'm sure they've edited out at least one contestant saying a variant of "Hell, no! I'm sick of this 'create an expandable, reversible kimono out of shopping bags in 24 hours' crap! I can't feel my fingers! Give us a day off already!"

Somebody needs to educate Christian on what the word "fierce" means, because I don't think he understands it.

Even the gay guys get hotted up watching lithe women fight and moan.

Pro wrestling costumes! Wow, hilarious...and I mean frakkin' hilarious!! And they're buying fabric at "Spandex House"!! Not necessarily relevant or fair, but hilarious. I think the designers should tussle for immunity in a steel cage match.

I can't believe the size of Spandex House. It must be in the Village.

Tim Gunn is the key to this show. He should anchor the evening news.

The idea of Heidi Klum wrestling a WWE diva wearing black leather and lace in the ring? heart.

Sorry to see Ricky go, but I can't argue with it. A good guy.

We don't get to see the outfit at work in the ring? That's disappointment.

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