Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blogging Project Runway #11: Art Inspiration

Well, the penultimate elimination. (I will always be indebted to my awesome AP English teacher for many, many things. Among them is teaching us the words penultimate and antepenultimate.)

Hopefully, this challenge will make sense, and it won't be another novelty thing. This is an elimination challenge of importance, and I don't want to see a bizarre challenge that isn't fair to the designers.

Well, here we go...and we start with loyalty from Chris to his model! Good karma for him.

Whew...axing 2 of the 5 this episode. Heavy.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. What a dramatic, beautiful setting. Nice change from pro wrestling, though how much did it cost to shut the place down for filming...probably at 5am?

Will Chris choose an Andy Warhol? Oh...can't. Leave it to Christian to be "inspired" by a work of art whose name he can't bother to learn.

The Temple of Dendur at the Met is an awe-inspiring edifice...I'd love to have that room to myself for 15 minutes.

I like Rami. As a person, and a designer.

My idea for a challenge: the "regular guy" challenge. Take five guys out of a bar to serve as judges. The winner is the designer who makes his model "look hot". They have to use a minimal amount of fabric.

After a few hours of work, on the second-to-last challenge, Chris declares the outfit completed. So he's next found snoring on the couch. I like Rami, but I love Chris.

Jillian doesn't want to go back to "working in a cubicle" does an assistant in a fashion line do their work in a cubicle?

That Italian designer is a really nice guy...he loves everything and everyone. Well, except for Rami.

What a surprising, and fair ending. It'll be interesting to see what Rami and Chris can do outside their safe zone. A very even-handed decision. Good episode.

Predicted finish:
1. Jillian
2. Christian
3. Chris

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