Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Time to mock the DGA

I earlier mocked the Executive Director of the Republican Governors' Association for this quote:

Charlie Baker in Massachusetts. He’s a CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, has done a lot of nonprofit work in the healthcare, and is a brilliant business man and someone who I believe can cut beyond party and racial lines and say,

To think that a CEO candidate is a good thing is sooo 1999. I like how he throws in the line on "cutting across racial lines" when talking about one of the whiter states of the union. I wonder if he'd have said that if the Democratic incumbent weren't white.

Now, on the flipside, we have this gem from Nathan Daschle, the Exec Director of the Democratic Governors' Association:

Gov. [Deval] Patrick in Massachusetts is another who has a bright future, who is regarded as a leader in the party.

This may be bad luck for bad timing for Daschle, but lauding as a "leader in the party" a governor who is trusted by about one third of Massachusetts Democrats on taxes and health care over his opponents isn't a guy with a bright future to me. He's looking closer to another Christie Todd Whitman -- a once bright future fading into a "what happened to..." file.

These guys should really not talk about the Bay State. We're going to be choosing from the least-worst for governor, and it's embarrassing to spin it otherwise.

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