Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The finest leader in Mass.

Martha Coakley:

The state is challenging the constitutionality of the federal 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, saying the law denies "essential rights and protections" to same-sex couples who have married since Massachusetts became the first state in the nation to legalize gay weddings in 2004.

The federal law interferes with the state's "sovereign authority to define and regulate marriage," according to the suit filed in federal court in Boston. It calls the law "overreaching and discriminatory."
This is real leadership. Looking at the depressing specter of a gubernatorial race featuring an HMO penny-pincher, Obama's understudy, a failed Democrat, and a bombastic Cianci-lite, it's nice to see that somebody can show leadership in this state. Coakley is showing what she's made of here, and continuing the recent tradition of the Massachusetts AG standing for what's right against the federal government, tobacco companies, and even Microsoft.

Huge bonus points for any gubernatorial candidate who publicly declares support for this lawsuit. If any of them, perhaps the lawyers, files an amicus curae, I'll be delighted.

PS: I'm not looking forward to the depths of depravity that Obama's Department of Justice will go to defend this law.

PPS: One thing that stands about blog coverage of this -- the Massachusetts set is ignoring Coakley's leadership in filing this suit, while the national folks put her name all over it. Coakley (like Terry Murray) usually gets underestimated and under-credited by progressive bloggers in the Bay State, so this is no surprise, but passive-voice headlines "Lawsuit against DOMA filed by Massachusetts" are a slap in the face of the Attorney General. Imagine the hagiography we'd have seen had Deval Patrick sent a press release about the case.

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