Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Big changes

Blogging has been scattered over the last little while due to three notable changes:

  • I just engaged to an incredibly wonderful woman. Planning a wedding has commenced, and will probably continue to take up notable pieces of the day until three years after we say the vows, if the first week is any indication.
  • I'll probably end up moving soon.
  • I did something stupid and ended up with the "Virtumonde" Trojan Horse virus, which resulting in shelling me with unceasing and misspelled spam, slogging my machine.

I'm no geek, but I'm not afraid of computers either. However, I'd strongly suggest from my own personal experience a few things to deal with possible virus, malware, and other baddies.
Download Ad-Aware. This freebie scans the machine for bad stuff. While not the best thing out there, it's the best free thing for fixing problems.
Download Malwarebytes' Anti-malware. It did the most thorough scan of anything I saw. While you have to pay for a full version to clean up what it finds, it's useful for notifying you of problems, which a semi-experienced user can take of themselves.
Download Process Explorer, a Microsoft product that traces out for you any and all processes running on your computer -- and their CPU usage -- at a given time. More in-depth than the Task Manager.

We will soon return to regularly scheduled opinionating...


Ryan said...

Congratulations. That's amazing news! (And I"m not referring to the computer virus =p)

GGW said...