Sunday, July 12, 2009


The gubernatorial campaign, while shaping up to be a kicker, isn't the only entertainment upcoming. Let me make some recommendations for entertainment for the months ahead:

  • Leverage on TNT. Fun thief/con show with Timothy Hutton. After Battlestar Galactica went off air, it's the only show I pay any attention to these days...I'm not one to watch television. I recommend recording it and catching up, as the second season starts on Wednesday. It is light but cracking entertainment with good inter-personal tensions that add to, but don't take over from, the episode plotlines.
  • Waterfire in Providence. It's free, it's beautiful, and hauntingly romantic. About 100 bonfires light the rivers of downtown Providence while music plays. Worth a Saturday night or two--check the schedule.
  • Read a book. Ones to search out -- Life As We Knew It, a young adult novel about the struggles of a family in the wake of a celestial disaster. The Road to Gondolfo, a comedy by Robert Ludlum (yes, that's right). And, In Defense of Food, which will make you re-examine your diet and the hype of the diet industry. Ones to avoid -- The Unincorporated Man, turgid scifi with cardboard characters, dead-end plotlines, and a vague interest concept run into the ground, and Flood by Steven Baxter, an environmental disaster book that takes several hundred pages to get a plot running at speed, and no reason to care how it ends.
  • Watch Mr. Deity websiodes. Although more focused on atheism and the trials of religion from the point of view of God and Lucy (Lucifer), it isn't preachy and has a dry sense of humor. In the one embedded below, Mr. Deity -- stage name "God" -- gets a phone call from a familiar penitent:

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