Monday, May 18, 2009

Where we are on the MDP platform...

Here's what little I've gleaned on the reaction of the decentralized and hyrda-headed progressive movement in Massachusetts to the draft platform. (Confused? Go here. Unconvinced? Try this. Unsure of the next step? Check this.)

1. Most progressive are furious about this draft platform. Health-centered activists are angry at the watering down of the section on health, labor folks on the weak portion on labor, etc. And many are angry about the whole thing, but that part is more on principle than anything else.

2. In addition to sentiment for a no vote on the thing, many amendments are being organized on all manner of issues.

3. There are many people trying to co-ordinate reaction to all this, and many of whom don't know what many others are doing. I'm certainly one person unaware of others' actions and intentions.

4. It seems increasingly clear that a "no" vote on the draft platform would result in the continuance of the current platform, which is far better and far from perfect.

5. With all that in mind, it remains unclear if this draft platform will be introduced plank by plank or all at once.

More by week's end.

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