Sunday, May 31, 2009

Get 'em on the record

As we speed toward the convention, one thought occurs to me...we don't know how the leaders of the Commonwealth feel. Sure, we know how the leaders of the Party feel -- John Walsh was upfront about his desire to radically change the direction of the platform, and 3 separate members of the Democratic State Committee have told me it was written by a paid staffer of the governor's. They've made their intentions known.

And on a daily basis, it becomes clearer how progressive activists in our Commonwealth feel...hence the fury of organization on this issue.

But we don't know how the elected officials of Massachusetts will vote. They are Democrats, after all, and on Saturday many of them will be in the Convention Hall. Why not find your state representative or senator, and call said rep or senator to see how they plan to vote on this "platform"? You can email me what you learned or leave it in comments here.

Persons (in and out of the Legislature) whose plans particularly are of interest to me would include:

I have asked representatives of two of these figures, and have yet to receive a response...

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