Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This ain't Texas, shouldn't our platform make that clear?

You know, I like living in a crazy liberal state. I'm thrilled that marriage equality has come to Iowa, and that it may come to New Hampshire this month. Here in Massachusetts, we just passed the five year mark on it, but good for the Hawkeye State. Obama and Pelosi are talking about government programs to increase access to health care; maybe they'll go for a law like that we've had on the books for three years now...signed by the Republican governor. A Republican governor who was the last Republican of note in this state.

Massachusetts is on the leading edge of progressive politics in so many fields. If the Bay State does something today, other states may do it in three to five years. If the Bay State considers something today, other states may do it in ten years. The Massachusetts Democratic Party does the thinking around here, and now it turns out that the MDP bosses want the thinking to stop (if you're new to this issue, look here).

Does standing for "professional development for profesional educators" or "full implementation of health care reform" continue this tradition of leadership? No. I can barely even label it "thinking". This is what a computer working on a BASIC program called "political doubletalk" would spit out. A political printout, as it were.

The party bosses are seeking to wave the white flag just when progressives are beginning to gather real momentum. Maybe they're hoping Califronia or Vermont will step into the leadership role Massachusetts seeks to resign. Maybe they will stand for authentic education and assessment, health care for all, or employee choice. Those ideas are apparently now too lefty for the MDP to even keep on its palate. It seems that the burden of leading the fight for what's right has grown too heavy on the unelected officials atop the Democratic Party.

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